Rotational Moulds


Rotational Molds

KUNTI MACHINE has all around furnished Mold division with all tooling offices and specialized group for exactness creation of molds with electronic outline. We as a whole have offices like sheet cutting machines, twisting machines, ribbed machines, argon welding , buffing machines and furthermore have isolate unit with full Rotomolding plant to test any general or altered outlined Roto molds. We offer every single Rotational Mold of following outline of Rotoproducts which are very requesting in advertise.


  • Particular outline structure.
  • Space sparing.
  • Diminishment in material misfortune.
  • Better choice to limit tidying.
  • Process enhancement
  • Better usage of fundamental and scrap material
  • Simple operation and support
  • Flexibile outline according to custom necessity.
  • Cost control by reusing scrap material according to application
  • Better and reliable item quality because of impeccable screening.
  • Better Polution control


  • Molds will be manufactured from prescribed and evaluated 2 or 3 mm sheet according to client request.
  • We might get ready and give Autocad Drawing in 2D/3 D for your last endorsement.
  • All molds will be outfitted with turn around engraved logo plates, LTR limit and Instrcutions according to client’s necessities.
  • Strung Manhole rings for all molds will be made according to normal or tweaked outline and measurements.
  • All inside corner sweep won’t be less then 10 mm and joint will be maintained a strategic distance from at corners.
  • Separating lines will be produced using legitimately leveled and coordinated level bars or from plates. They will be without undermines and appropriately coordinated with set pins.
  • All the welded joints will be appropriately completed as same as form surface.
  • No gouge, scratches or pound imprints will be watched.
  • Mirror cleaned inside shape surface.
  • On the off chance that client requires, at that point External surface of the form will be painted with high resistance anticorrosion Black/silver paint or might be with buffing.

Application territories

Water stockpiling tanks, Loft rectangular tanks, Under ground water tanks ( sumps ) , Double/Triple layer tanks, PUF Insulated tanks, House hold drums, Septic tanks, House hold barrels/drums for water and grains stockpiling.

Modern Chemical and corrosive stockpiling tanks, Acid handling tanks, Mixing tanks, Electroplating/pickling tanks, Processing boxes, stackable cases, Pallets, squander canisters and compartments, Insulated boxes, Insulated boxes, Fish boxes, Intermediate mass holders ( IBC )


Vessels, Horizontal tanks, Conveying framework Mold, Planters, Roof top, Automobile parts like Nice sield, wheel watch, Dust containers, Furniture, Litter receptacles, Instruments reassure, Road boundaries, and Road deviders, Play ground types of gear like rockers, slides, kanopy, play stations, toys, balls, and so forth., gliding docks on ocean shoreline, Mobile latrine, camod, numerous different applications where empty and greater size article is utilized.

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