PVC Pulveriser Machine manufacturer


PVC Pulveriser Machine manufacturer

PVC Pulveriser machine manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and all over the india  since 2001.

Operation PVC Pulveriser machine manufacturer

  • Finish Robust and exceptionally solid structure for sound and vibration operation.
  • Attractive sort vibrating feeder for uniform and controlled bolstering of material.
  • Primary Grinding circle of unrivaled review material for longer life.
  • Exceptionally viable water cooling framework for Blade, Mill body and Bearing lodging.
  • Temperature checking of Disk Mill and in this way simplicity of control on bolster rate.
  • Vibratory  Roller screen for fine re-beating obviously materials.
  • Powder covered Electrical board with clean evidence development furnished with all wellbeing highlights and controls.
  • All segments and purchased outs parts are of presumed and dependable make PVC Pulveriser machine manufacture.
  • Finish Design with adaptability and perform fine pvc Pulverizing machine manufactuer in ahmedabad, gujarat and all over the india. of extensive variety of plastics materials like PE, RPVC, ABS, PC and other warmth delicate materials.PVC PULVERISER MACHINE MANUFACTURER

TECHNICAL SPECIFCATION PVC Pulveriser machine manufacture

Max. Output In LLD (Virgin 20 Mesh) Kgs/Hr 60-70 80-100 120-140 160-200
Maxi. Output in RPVC ( 18 mesh ) Kgs/ hr 80 -150 150-200 250- 300 350-400
Total Load KW 17.25 25.50 33.75 50.90
Floor Space ,
MTR 2.3 x1.6 x 3 2.5 x 1.6 x 3.5 2.5x 1.6×3.5 3x 2.5 x4.5

Plate and plant body PVC Pulveriser machine manufacturer

The circle is produced using reviewed material tried quality and progressively PVC Pulveriser machine manufacture adjusted for smooth running. Review windows (2 nos.) Are given on both side of factory body for outwardly checking the circle hole and help the hole setting. A few choices are accessible to disentangle the cleaning procedure. Long administration life of the circles between resharpenings.

Features PVC Pulveriser machine manufacturer

  • Cooling: For process body, bearing lodging and plant entryway for better outcome.
  • Bearing lodging: Bearing lodging water cooled.
  • Metal locator:
  • High efficeincy container magnet give the m/c. To recognize the metallic consideration parts from the polymer. Alternatively, PVC Pulveriser machine manufacture metal indicator sensor will be given on ask.
  • Bolstering: Feeding container demonstrating low level pointer. Auto stumbling framework available in the event of over-burden nourishing. Fundamental engine ampere and sustaining gadget synchronized to abstain from stumbling of engine due to over bolster
  • Violent wind: Our cyclonic framework is very much intended for simple cleaning. With pack channel (on request)arrange ment of PVC Pulveriser machine manufacture.
  • Container loader: Pneumatic container loader will give on ask.
  • Execution: Uniform molecule measure for better dispersion
  • Ideal material dissemination
  • Homogeneous material if there should arise an occurrence of shaded powders.
  • Low vitality utilization and high throughput PVC Pulveriser machine manufacture.
  • Powder temperature observing gadget .

Diagram :PVC Pulveriser machine manufacturer

Kunti machine is satisfied to present PVC Pulverizer Machine manufacturer itself as a main assembling unit occupied with the matter of npu/k-10 demonstrate pulveriser. The scope of pulveriser is accessible from 30 kgs/hr to 500 kgs/hr. For various application, any place a powder item is required.

Application : PVC Pulveriser machine manufacturer

  • Run of the mill uses of npu/k-10 pulverisers are the crushing varietes of these granulated material including high and low thickness plastics like: PVC Pulveriser machine manufacture
  • Ldpe (16 mama 400 ipcl review for material and wire covering),
  • Lldpe, hdpe (26500 dependence review for ace group)
  • Lldpe (36ra 0345 ipcl review)
  • Rpvc, pc, abs, eva,ps, and so forth.
  • pvc pulverizing machine is used in above application area.
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