High Speed Mixure


KUNTI MACHINE High speed exacerbating blender is reasonable for homogenized advertisement uniform blending of polymers with different fixings to set up a decent quality prepared detailing which is utilized for additionally process.


  • Strong development, smaller and advantageous outline.
  • Blending vessel external coat is produced using 6 mm thick gentle steel plate &inner from 5 mm thick S.S plate.
  • Mechanical shaft seal and gasket is given to avoid material spillage.
  • Temperature sensor& marker for exact measuring of material temperature.
  • Speedier blending with fantastic homogenization.
  • Powder covered Electrical board with clean verification development furnished with Ammeter, Voltmeter, and Temperature Indicator with thermocouple, starter and other vital electrical types of gear.
  • All switch gears and contributions of rumored and solid make.
ASM-75 ASM-150 ASM-200 ASM-300
Motor capacity kw 7.5 11.65 18.25 22.50
Batch Mixing
kgs 15 30 40 60
production per
Kgs/hr 60-75 125-150 175-200 275-300
Approx weight kgs 350 600 700 900

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