The LLDPE crude material with appropriate ace bunch is being encouraged in to the barrel chamber through capacity container. The barrel is preheated by warming zones and appropriate temperature control framework to process the info material. The turning screw pushes the material towards kick the bucket end with uniform and homogenized plastics liquefy. The screw is turned by appropriate AC engine combined with substantial obligation gearbox. The plastics strands expelled from bite the dust are bolstered in to fast Pelletiser unit after they get cooled and went through SS water cooling tank. Pelletiser slices the strands in to wanted size of pellets which can be gathered in to capacity storehouse.


  • Screw and barrel are made of nitro composite steel, nitrided, completed cleaned and appropriately solidified for longer life.
  • All Electrical switch gears are of presumed and dependable make.
  • Advanced temperature controllers for quicker warming and vitality sparing.
  • Air conditioning variable drive as standard element for Pelletiser unit.
  • Intended for reprocessing and shading use of LLD, LDPE, HDPE, and so on.
KMEX-75 KMEX-90 KMEX-100 KMEX-110
Main Motor kw 18.25 22.25 37.25 45.00
Output in LLDPE Kgs/hr 120 150 200 250
Floor space Required, Mtr 7.5x 2.0x
9.0x3x2.2 9.5x3x2.2 9.5x3x 2.2

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